Pathway 3: Mentorship

$900-$1800 (dependent on plan & student requirements)

Please Read:

Mentee must complete:

• 90 Hours Lactation Specific Education (can happen before or concurrently w/ plan development).

  • Students who have completed the Douglas College BCHP get a discount of -$300

• Health Sciences Education (can happen before or concurrently w/ plan development)

• 5 Hours Communication Skills Education (can happen before or concurrently w/ plan development)

• 500 Hours direct Lactation Care (under supervision)

As Chief Mentor, my time investment is:


  •  a minimum of 50 hours (and up to 500) lactation counseling practice


  • 60- 120 hours:
  • approx. 20% of all lactation practice will require:
    • preparatory work
    • discussion, teaching and collaborative assessments 

Timeline: Prep Phase

  • 1-2 Meetings (approx. 5 hours): we discuss and develop your Pathway 3 Application & Proposal. Applicant is expected to have thoroughly reviewed the Pathway 3 Plan Guide (linked above) before the meeting.
  • Once the plan is developed and agreed upon, it is the mentee’s responsibility to submit to the IBLCE

Timeline: Phase One, Guidance

(can happen concurrently w/ plan development)

  • Mentee is expected to observe the Mentor in practice.
  • Hours spent in Phase 1 observation will be based on prior experience and education of Mentee. Participants of the Douglas College BCHP with included Observational Hours will have met this requirement.
  • Post-consult discussions, assessments, and research will be required in cases where the student has not already completed the BCHP (approx. 10 hours)
  • Mentee is encouraged to observe in-hospital LC practice

Timeline: Phase Two, Direct Supervision

Directly Supervised Lactation Practice (min 50 hours)

  • Mentee will attend house calls and breastfeeding support groups with Mentor.
    • The Mentee will not be paid for consultations occurring under direct supervision
  • Mentee is expected to be the primary counselor, under the supervision and guidance of the Mentor
  • Post-consult discussions, assessments, and research will be required (min 10 hours)
  • Mentee is encouraged to collaborate with more than one IBCLC, especially those working in environments which allow the mentee to observe the most variety of cases and presentations
  • The Chief Mentor is responsible for at least 50 hours of directly supervised care (and 10 hours of post-consult discussion)

Timeline: Phase Three, Independence

Independent Lactation Practice (250-450 hours)

  • Mentee will independently work with breastfeeding parents in a variety of care settings
  • The mentee may be paid for counseling. The Chief Mentor will not be compensated for independent counseling by the Mentee
  • The Chief Mentor will be aware of ALL lactation appointments and either be nearby or on call.
  • Every consultation will include discussion, evaluation of assessment & plan, and guided research with Chief Mentor (20% or approximately 90 hours max)

Timeline: Exam Application

Approximately 5 Hours
  • Chief Mentor helps to compile application and experience journals

  • Chief Mentor helps mentee to study and prepare for final exam