Comprehensive Breastfeeding for the Birth Professional

March 2021

Transform your knowledge...

This comprehensive breastfeeding class is specifically designed for birth workers- you won't just gather the information, you will learn how to use your knowledge to teach and counsel the families you work with.

Beginning with the prenatal period, we discuss how to prepare and support women for breastfeeding.  By exploring the impact that birth practices can have on lactation, students learn how to provide care and advocacy during labor and in the immediate postpartum. With activities and engaged teaching, students become familiar with the basic underlying mechanisms of lactation: how milk is made, positioning and latch, and feeding frequency. We discuss the most common concerns and questions that women have about breastfeeding, including: milk supply, thrush, mastitis, cluster and night feeding, inverted or flat nipples, going back to work, and alternate feeding methods. The class is designed so that you and your colleagues can share insight, ask questions, and critically examine common misconceptions during each teaching module.

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