Support for the childbearing year.


18 hours of breastfeeding education in Orgiva, Spain

This comprehensive breastfeeding class is specifically designed for birth workers-  we don't just gather the information, we learn how to use our knowledge to teach and counsel the families we work with.  

Beginning with the prenatal period, we discuss preparing and supporting women for breastfeeding, exploring the impact that birth practices can have on lactation and how to provide care and advocacy during labor and in the immediate postpartum. We become knowledgeable about the basic underlying mechanisms of lactation: how milk is made, positioning and latch, and feeding frequency. We discuss the most common concerns and questions that women have about breastfeeding, including: milk supply, thrush, mastitis, cluster and night feeding, inverted or flat nipples, going back to work, and alternate feeding methods. 

An overview and explanation will be given of common tools and interventions that women may use during lactation, with special focus and time spent reviewing techniques and tips for improving breastfeeding without requiring any tools at all. Empower your clients by teaching them hand expression, breast and lymphatic massage, and the benefits of skin to skin care. Throughout each session, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and actively engage with each other and the learning material.

February 2018

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